Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Baby's Schedule

Well, things are progressing in the Whittaker household. We are continuing to adjust to life with a child! We've gotten Aaron onto a pretty good schedule, though he still doesn't sleep through the night:

8-9am: Aaron awakes for the day
9-10:30 - Workout time with mommy, pushups and rattle lifts
11am: Brunch and a nap
noon: More awake time, read a book/play with mommy
2pm: Lunch time, maybe a nap afterwards
4:15pm: Daddy returns from work to take over with Aaron and give mommy a break, maybe taking Aaron shopping, maybe just sitting with him
6pm: Dinner time!
7:30pm Bath time
8pm Night Cap, then bedtime
3am 'midnight snack'
6am breakfast with daddy


All in all, a very good schedule. Of course it gets all disrupted on Sundays or with outings. But he's pretty easy going and adjusts well.

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