Monday, April 10, 2006

Favorite Foods No More

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a bit about our favorite dishes here in Singapore. Danny really likes spicy Thai food! He also likes really spicy Malay food. Oh, and really spicy Indian food too!! Are you catching a trend here? His favorite dishes are char quay teow and phad thai. The quay teow is a noodle-based seafood dish. It has cuttle fish and clams in it. It is spicy. The phad thai is a noodle-based he-doesn't-know-what-else good spicy thing! During my pregnancy and now nursing phase, Danny could still eat all these great spicy things! However, I have faced a different challenge.

My favorite foods are also spicy! I really like curry. Anything curry is yummy! Curry is a really spicy Indian spice. Laksa is a great soup-based, noodle dish that is mostly curry with some coconut milk added in. The coconut makes it all quite rich! The prawn laksa is my favorite! I also like a Malay dish called nasi goreng. That is a rice-based dish that is fried and has yellow curry powder in it. It can be served with a fried egg (yum, my favorite) and is loaded with chili peppers. As you can imagine, these dishes are OFF LIMITS to me now that Aaron is nursing. I tried a couple of times when pregnant, but the heartburn almost made me gag! Boo-hoo, must I really say goodbye to my favorite foods? At least for now, but hopefully I can enjoy them again someday!

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farmgirl beth said...

I feel your pain! Jack doesn't like my homemade enchiladas, and eggs don't agree with him either- go figure! The only free food we have access to, and a great source of protein for me. The Mussaman Curry that I order from our local Thai restaurant doesn't seem to bother him, but that's probably because I get it in its "mild" form. Pad Thai, my other favorite isn't really spicy here in the states. Just remember that this time of sacrifice is short compared to our whole lives! :)