Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A trip to the doctor

Today was Aaron's 2 month doctor visit. Boy has he changed in 2 months!! He is now 6.27 kg (13.8 lbs) and 61 cm (24 in). He has gained about 2 pounds in the last month! The doctor was very pleased. Danny looked up some percentile information and discovered that Aaron is in the lower percentile for American babies. However, he is happy, healthy and growing. That is all that matters. Besides, he is in the top percentages here (small wonder! ha ha).

He is no longer on medicine for acid reflux, and we haven't had to give colic drops for quite some time. Thank you all for your prayers! Dr. Toh was also pleased to see his bright, smiling face watching her. The only down side was his vaccine shot. Ow! That hurt. We have some medicine to give for any potential side affects to the vaccine. It is a 5-in-1 shot that covers the normal childhood illnesses. The pertussis part could cause fever and pain. He has a slight fever tonight, but doesn't seem to be in pain. These symptoms should only last a day or two. Be praying that God will provide quick relief of symptoms! Our next scheduled appointment is June 1st for another dose of vaccine. According to Dr. Toh, the symptoms increase in severity with subsequent injections. Thankfully he only has a couple more to go!


Christi said...

Just for a frame of reference, Isabella was never on the growth chart until her 18 month check up. I have a co-worker whose son is a month younger. At one point, Isabella was less than the 5th percentile and he was in the 109th percentile (however that works). There was only 6 pounds that seperated them in weight.
The up side is that she fit in all of her clothes longer than expected.

Danny said...

That is the crazy thing, he is already wearing some clothes that are labeled 6-9 months. And he's been out of the 0-3 month clothes since March. (Yes, those are US sizes).

SusieMom said...

Hey! I still say... 6'4" is his future height!!! No worries! He is happy, healthy and not a huge chunk.. easier on Mommy's back as she carries him! (And he is pretty much following Mommy's weight gain and height! And she is no short shrimp!)

Lanae said...

I looked at the growth calculator on and they have Arron at 75th to 90th percentile for height and 90th to 95th percentile for weight. I don't know what chart Danny was looking at but the one usually agrees with our doctors chart. Arron is a big boy here too.
Love, Lanae