Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fun Weekend!

A most unusual event took place on Sunday, Sept 10th, the Singapore Open Ultimate Frisbee tournament. All the top teams in Asia fought for the title of best team in Asia. We watched a few minutes of the final game. It was most exciting.

However, we went to the tournament for other reasons. The guy in charge is from Louisiana, and knows about Frisbee disc golf (our favorite sport). He purchased 9 baskets that can be moved from place to place. For those of you not familiar with this game, the objective is the same as golf, lowest score wins. Instead of hitting balls, though, we throw frisbees and the "hole" is a large basket. Lance, the man in charge, is teaching Singaporeans how to play. He invited us to join them; we readily agreed.

Heidi and Katie babysat for us, and Sunday afternoon we went to Marina Park and played two rounds of disc golf with Lance and some beginners. The baskets were set at close distances to give the beginners a chance to learn the game. We had so much fun!! We met about 10 new people and really enjoyed throwing on an actual course again. Lance said he would try to set a course up somewhere in Singapore each month. We are excited to be back in this sport and praying for new opportunities to share the love of Christ.

Another new opportunity God has blessed Danny with is the opportunity to play Bridge. The last two weeks he has joined the Singapore Contract Bridge Association for a set of games. These have been fun times, as well as an opportunity to meet more locals.

Isn't it wonderful when God blesses us in the small matters of life? We are so thankful!

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