Monday, October 24, 2005

A busy week

This past week has been a good, but busy one. Thursday we had a special emphasis on Spiritual things with two separate conferences: Heart-to-Heart for the ladies and Braveheart for the men. It was a wonderful time to minister specifically to our own gender students and their needs.

On Friday we went to the Singapore American School to watch a football game that the son of some of our friends plays on. It was fun to be in an "American" atmosphere again!

Saturday we spent the day painting, we had three people come to help us (sorry Lisa we didn't get your picture!) and had the first coat done in both rooms by 3:15. Today Lisa came back to help Betsy with the second coat. The place is looking good. We're letting it dry for a couple days, then have a little touch-up to do. Looking forward to the rooms being done this time next week!

Love you all.


Game in motion
Our hardworking assistants Denise and Cullen
Painting the ceiling
New color for baby room
Having some fun, self-portrait by Cullen
Cullen in the newly painted Living Room

Monday, October 17, 2005

Well, here are a few pictures from around Singapore. Most of these were taken a couple of weeks ago while we were out after getting our most recent baby pictures. We thought you would enjoy some shots of the things we take for granted.

Things are going well here, Betsy is now in her 22nd week of pregnancy. We are working on preparations for painting this weekend, and the first quarter has come to a successful end.

Thank you for all your prayers for us.
Great World City Shopping center
One way road outside Great World
Car Elevator!
WAY up there
Old Town and New Town
Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone?
Parkview Square, inspired by Gotham City
The busses in front of Parkview Square
See You at the Pole
Gathered for Prayer

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Quarter 1 complete

Well, this week is the first week of the second quarter. The last few days I have been hard at work getting things finalized for my first quarter grades. We have also been hard at work preparing our home for our child. Last week some friends came over to help us rearrange the house, and in a couple weeks we will be painting. I've decided to add a few pictures so you can see what the place looks like now, and after we've finished painting, we'll post some more pictures.

Betsy is doing well, as is our little boy. We've had lots of people ask about names, but have not decided on any for sure yet. Feel free to comment with suggestions.
The living room, Betsy decided to have a little more open area. There is actually enough room that our guest air mattress will fit in the living room between the computer table (behind me as I took this picture) and the rest of the room.

Mom, Mama, and Daddy, this will all make much more sense to you than everyone else, I guess everyone else just needs to come see us so we can give them an official tour!
A closer look at the corner, Betsy's scrapbooking table brought into the main room

If you look at the wall on the right you can also see why we are painting! Lots of marks on the walls.
The baby's room
Changing table/dresser for our child, we picked this up at a garage sale, it has some other items inside as well.
Our new "cot" given to us by one of Betsy's friends at the RDA, it will actually convert to a bed as our boy gets older!