Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aaron's New Joys

Thought we would simply share some of the Aaron's excitement this week.
Aaron's favorite movie is about a little race car that meets a rusty tow truck.  This week he received a new blanket in the mail.  He was VERY excited!

Here Aaron is enjoying story time with Grandma.  He loves watching DVDs sent by his grandparents. 
This was a new treat.  Can you tell what it is?  Aaron had a hard time at first, but it was fun watching him PPUULLLLLL at the little gummy worm in order to bite it off. 
Finally, this evening we got a new tool for cleaning up the toys!  Aaron didn't want to clean up, so I asked if he wanted Daddy to pick him up by his feet while he cleaned up the toys.  He loved it!  I got a GREAT weight-lifting session! 
 Love to you all!
Danny, Betsy, & Aaron

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Staff Orientation & a New Year

School has now been in session for seven days.  We have had a good start to the year.  I am starting to get adjusted to my class schedule, and am enjoying meeting and getting to know my new students.  This year is a bit more difficult than the past couple of years because I am teaching classes that I haven't taught recently.  But, I am looking forward to rising to the challenge and relying upon God to help me through!

The pictures today are from a recent staff bonding trip to Sentosa (a small island off the coast of Singapore with a few different tourist attractions).  While there we took part in an race through many of the attractions.  It was a lot of fun and allowed us a chance to see some of the things that we don't normally see and to learn a little about Singapore history.

One stop was in Images of Singapore.  This attraction has a bunch of wax figures depicting scenes from the history and life of Singapore.  Here are four pictures showing weddings from different cultures.
Next stop, the insect garden.  We got bonus points for this picture!  (Our fearless art teacher Sharon.)
Here is a picture of my team.  We had a lot of fun.  We were first to finish the race, but missed some of the points and received third place. 
Here is the view from the top of the island.  You can see the beaches, and in the background you can see the ships in the harbor.  It is always amazing to me how close these huge ships are to the beaches! 
Thanks again for all your love and support.
Danny, Betsy, & Aaron

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The end of summer vacation

Danny reported back for work this last Friday and has been working to get ready for student arrival on the 11th of August.  It is hard to believe that the summer is over!  Please pray for Danny in his preparations, he is teaching two classes that he hasn't taught recently (Physics and MultiMedia) and needs to do a bit of work to prepare for them.  Pray that God will give him wisdom in how to teach these classes.

Please also pray for Aaron and Betsy as they adjust to not having Danny around all the time.  The whole family has enjoyed Danny being around and it will be an adjustment for all of us.

Here are some pictures of what Aaron has been up to lately:

 A few months ago we bought this outfit for Aaron, but it is just now starting to fit in it nicely.  (Sorry, his blankie kinda covers it up.)

A few days ago we forgot to close the gate at the top of the stairs.  In the morning we found this: 

There is a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood right now and Aaron just loves it!  He spend about 10 minutes looking out the window watching the digger work.

Then he got his own tractor out to do some digging of his own! 

Aaron also loves his "Big Car" and is learning to control it somewhat.  He can at least go forward and backwards, hasn't figured out steering yet, and mostly just stops when it slams into a wall!  He has fun though!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!  We love you all!

Danny, Betsy, & Aaron