Thursday, January 25, 2007

Grandparents are here!!!!

Aaron has been one tired little boy these last few days. He has been entertained almost every moment since Betsy's parents arrived on the 23rd. We have been playing with balls, reading stories, and tickling left and right. He even had some sips from a grown-up cup. Gigi has been capturing most of this on film, so we included some of her pictures on our blog.

Papa and Gigi also accompanied Aaron and Betsy to the English as a Second Language (ESL) class. We also included a picture of Betsy helping her students.

As you can imagine, Papa and Gigi were totally wiped out with all the heat and humidity. They are "recuperating" today. We took it easy and just played at home. Ahhh, vacation!

Fun can be tiring!!

Hey everybody!

Water please!

ESL class

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eleven Months!

Wow, it is amazing how quickly the year has past. Hard to believe it is already 2007. Here are our pictures celebrating 11 months for our little guy. He sure does some crazy things with his mouth!


Thought we'd share a picture from our deck of the sunset. The sun is setting from behind the camera, but the lighting on the harbor cranes was amazing, sorry the camera doesn't quite do it justice!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Getting so TALL!

As always, December has been a crazy, busy time, sorry it has been so long since we've posted, but here are a bunch of pictures for you.

This first set was taken in mid-December.

Church Camp 2006

December 18-21 we had the opportunity to go to Church Camp for the first time here in Singapore. About 90 of us took the six hour drive up to Port Dickson, Malaysia. It was a fun time of fellowship with our church family.

We shared a suite with this family. The boys loved playing with Aaron (and 'Uncle Danny')!

Exploring the lobby, Mancala anyone?

Aaron and one of his fans: Erin!

The resort had a great pool, if only it was dry!
Dancing with auntie.

Heading home. Betsy, Aaron, and his bump!

Yes, on the last day of camp Aaron got his first major boo-boo. Daddy was carrying him down the concrete stairs and hit a slippery spot. Daddy fell down (no tumbling though). Two major body parts hit the edge of a stair, Daddy's elbow and Aaron's forehead. Both are fine now. We were able to get frozen squash on the forehead very quickly and had a couple nurses look at it as well. By now the bump and bruise are basically gone!

Aaron's First Christmas

On the phone with Gigi. Notice the bump is almost gone!

Playing with all his new toys, Aaron didn't quite figure out the opening of presents, but he sure enjoys all the toys and books!

Aaron is such a smart kid! Not only in order, but color coordinated as well!

Good morning Daddy, look I started undressing myself! See, I got an arm and a leg out!