Monday, April 25, 2005

I recently rearranged the guest room at our house. Now I can catch up on all my scrapbooking.

Singing on Good Friday

Good Friday Setup

I had to take some pictures of the sky today. These clouds were so huge, white and beautiful!!

This one was most unusual!

Endless Construction

As I walked to the school this afternoon, I witnessed more contsruction. It looks like they are changing the drainage system around the intersection by our home. They are putting pipes in by the sidwalk where the monitor lizard lives. I'm thinking he may move on to greener, quieter pastures. I discovered the monitor lizard about 2 months ago. He almost got hit by a car that day. He's about 2 feet long and made several holes going under the sidewalk that goes to ICS. But I haven't seen him for quite a while, and I think he will move on. Sorry Mom!!

Sad Day

We had a couple of very sad days at the RDA last week. One of the horses stopped eating and drinking last Thursday. He had to be put down on Friday. His name was Kublai and he was only 13 years old. The stable master thought he must have hit his head in the stall and the blow affected his brain. He simply lost control over his body slowly over time. I said goodbye to him on Thursday before I left. Friday morning he fell down and never got back up. We had sessions to do so some of the staff put a tarp up to cover his stall. The children never even knew what was going on. Later I asked one of the staff how she was doing. Her response was, "The worst is over." That was how I felt. At least he wasn't suffering anymore. Please pray as I seek to minister to the people who care for the horses. They were the most affected.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Pics by Mom

We've been going through the thousands of pictures Mom took while she was here and found these ones to share with you. Hope you enjoy them!!

Giant clam shell at Tioman

Betsy tutoring Sue

Sunset at Sentosa

Mom on the stairs of death

Computers Class

Monday, April 11, 2005


The big topic for today is the weather. A couple of days ago we experienced the most amazing storm ever! It got almost twighlight dark, rained a waterfall in wind, and lightning and thunder flashed and sounded simultaniously and constantly. Even these words don't do it justice. I couldn't even see across the road from our apartment. So, I pulled up a chair and enjoyed the show. I had to reset our breaker twice because of lightning strikes.

Meanwhile, after the worst of the lightening and thunder passed, Danny made his way home. I'd been noticing traffic backed up infront of our place. I just assumed the lightening cut power to the traffic lights. But that was not the case. When Danny got home he was wet to his knees. Most of the hard rain was gone so I was puzzled. He said that one or more drains were clogged at the intersection that he must cross to get home. There was a lake about a foot deep covering the entire intersection. The traffic I saw was backed up because each car had to proceed through the lake slow enough to prevent stalling the engine. Danny had to wade home. I imagine he looked a bit like Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain. How bizarre!! He also said that the rain canal nearby, that is usually almost empty, was almost full (about 5 feet deep). It is nice to know those things really are deep and wide for a reason.

We also experienced a similar storm again today. It broke after I got to school to tutor and had worn itself out by the time we were ready to leave. And thankfully no lake to wade in. We did have to reset the breaker when we got home. But we avoided wetness.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Building Update

There were only two bids received and we were the highest of the two bids. The government does not have to accept our bid and can take up to 90 days to decide. Thank you all for your prayers. Please be praying as we wait for God's will. Obviously the best scenerio in our minds is that we win the bid and are told soon. Also, if God gives us this new location, our current enrollment will be too small to support it. Pray for an influx of new students. The school is taking a leap of faith with this new site. Always, we want God's will first!

A Quiet Home

Well, Susie left for home Thursday morning bright and early (6:00 am). It was a wonderful time having her here to visit and we enjoyed being able to see Singapore through new eyes. Dad called to let us know that she made it home alright. Thanks for all your prayers. I must say it has been a little strange to have our guest room empty. Friday morning I woke up and thought to myself, "Well, time to wake Mom up." Then it hit me. Mom is gone. Thanks for coming; we had so much fun!!