Friday, March 25, 2011

My camera has video!

This is a video I had Daddy take on my camera a couple weeks ago.

Aaron is 5!

We are back!  Our site is going to have some alterations in how we work.  We've added a new editor!  Aaron celebrated his 5th birthday in February and received his own camera.  He's been having lots of fun with it and will begin to have his own pictures to post and talk about.  Here are a few of our pictures from the past months.

Aaron's birthday 
I wrapped a huge box.with a small box

with a picture inside.

The next day we all went and picked out his camera.

It has been fun having Aaron at school with me.  He spends a couple afternoons with me in my classroom after school, it's fun to be able to see a bit more of him during the day. Another fun thing came with spirit week.  This year one of the days was twin day.  We had fun being twins!

Sorry about the pictures, something got messed up when they posted.  They are rotated on our computer!

I got a camera for my birthday!

This is a picture of the building outside our window.

This is in my bedroom when my bed is made really good. Look at the funny snow globe on the shelf.

My tower with Pooh on top and Fuzzy Wuzzy beside it. It's funny because I took a picture with my garbage can too.

I took a picture of my airplane and my American flag and the picture I drew at school, it's a picture of me. I laid down on the paper and my art teacher drew around me.

I took a picture of me and Mommy together on Daddy and Mommy's bed.

I love you everybody!