Monday, August 09, 2010

An Exciting Summer

It is hard to believe how fast time can fly by. This past summer has been full of wonderful adventures and we plan to fill you in on some of the details over the next few days. Today Aaron and I are going to share some of the excitement in his life.

On August 4th, I took Aaron to celebrate the coming change in his life as he goes from a little boy to a school boy. We had some other guys come to help mark the occasion with us. Between games I gave Aaron this name tag for his school bag and talked with Aaron about the significance of growing up into a young boy. I told him how Betsy and I had chosen his name because we hoped he would be a light to those around him.
He's only four and a half years old, but I think he kind of understood what was happening, and hopefully this will be a time he will look back at in the future as we continue to mark his journey to manhood with little ceremonies.

It is fun to see him growing and to hear evidence of what he is learning. A couple nights ago I had a sleepover in his room, I brought a couple mattresses in and slept on the floor in his room. It was fun. The next day at nap time he decided to sleep on my bed. I asked if he was pretending he was a Daddy in his little boys room. Then I asked if he wanted to be a Dad when he grew up. He said, "Yeah, I think so. When I'm older I'll ask God what He wants me to be and then I'll be what He says." AMEN!

Here are a few pictures of the bowling adventure:

Here is Aaron practicing his writing on a new drawing pad he just received (not sure why it is rotated, but couldn't get it to rotate back, oh well!). He can't wait for school to start in just 7 days!