Monday, May 29, 2006

Unveiled Faces

Unveiled Faces
By Betsy Whittaker
Written 13/5/06

The world needs to see
The Lord Jesus in me.

His glory shine truly
When my cross I take daily.

Reflection is simple and right
When I abide in heaven's light.

Then my face will show His glory,
And all will know He is holy.

The questions will come,
"You have peace; can I have some?"

Oh Lord, let the world see
Only Your glory in me!

Final Preparations

With only four days left of school and 10 days until our departure for the states we are working hard to finalize everything.

At school Danny is working to get tests graded and grades turned in. While at the same time, he's also attempting to get everything packed and ready for the move to the new campus. On Saturday he helped with the first moving day. Many people gave their time on Saturday, so the entire library was moved in one day! We will have a few more of these moving days over the next two weeks. Please pray for continued support by volunteers and safety in the move.

Betsy has been putting together a scrapbook of Singapore to share with everyone. Pray that she can complete her work quickly. God has been gracious to provide a fellow resident of Mount Faber Lodge who cleans apartments. Her name is Nelia. She comes once a week for about three hours. She does a very thorough job cleaning the whole house. Thanks to Nelia, Betsy has more time to spend with Aaron, scrapbooking, and packing for the summer. Yes, she started a couple of weeks ago with all the warmer clothes that we never wear here. Pray for wisdom as she decides what to take and what to leave.

Aaron will be getting his second "Jab" (the term for vaccine injections here) on Thursday this week. He has been coughing a bit lately, and they will not inject him if he is at all sick. Pray for his health and quick recovery from the jab.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. See most of you this summer!
Sleeping Baby 1
Sleeping Baby 2
Sleeping Baby 3
Larry, I'm sorry, please look at me!
Hey Ralph
You got something for me??
End of year Chess Tournament

Monday, May 22, 2006

2 weeks

With only nine days of school left, we are continuing to adjust to having Aaron in our life. He is doing very well and sleeping through the night on a regular basis now. I'm working to get all my grades done so that I can also get my packing done to prepare for the move to our new campus.

Please pray for us as we finalize this year and as we prepare for our visit to the states for the summer!
Family photo at church
Aaron and 'auntie' Denise
Happy baby!
Chillin' in our pad!

Monday, May 15, 2006

A little smile.
Look Ma, both hands!
Do you have that bright thing out again???
Mommie and Aaron having a good time
Thought you might enjoy a sunset!

Winding Down

As I sit here and write this, Danny is bathing Aaron. They are having lots of fun splashing around in the kitchen sink!

There are only 2 1/2 weeks of school left. Everyone is wrapping up their classes for the year. Grades are due at the end of May, early because the school is moving and must be out of the current location June 13th. This leaves no room for dilly-dally! The administration received the keys to the new building today.

Danny is in charge of packing up the computer lab. Please be praying as he seeks to complete all of his work!

We praise God that He has been providing amazing funds for the renovation of the new campus! We trust He will continue to bring in support as it is needed.

Face to Face

Face to Face
(Based on Exodus 33)
By Betsy Whittaker

He begged the question
We all want to ask
"Please, can I see You
Face to face?"

Oh the audacity
What boldness, so brash
To say, "Please, I want to see You
Face to face!"

King of the universe
Oh wonder of wonders
Said, "You may see My glory
And all that I Am."

Lost in a cloud
On a mountain so high
A tiny man saw God
Face to face!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I can fly!!
Aaron and a friend
Aaron and Evelyn Tan our pastor's wife
Three months old!
Wow! I'm that old?
A smile
Playing, so close to laughter!
Morning exercises

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Catching a Cold

We think we are now on the getting-well side of Aaron's first cold. You will notice one of the pictures as testimony of this fact. Betsy called the doctor's office to make sure all his coughing and sneezing were not a result of his recent vaccine. She was assured that these are not symptoms of the vaccine; however, they are cold symptoms. He has not had a fever and the symptoms are becoming much less severe. Thank you, Lord. In all other ways, he is doing great!

Last night he slept from 9 pm until 8 am! Our first night through!! What an answer to prayer!!!
Aaron's favorite bed. . . the pram!
Daddy time!
Who is that handsome guy??
AAAAH!!! What happened to my feet??
Do I have to go to bed Daddy?
True Mariners fan, even in the hard times!