Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A trip to the doctor

Today was Aaron's 2 month doctor visit. Boy has he changed in 2 months!! He is now 6.27 kg (13.8 lbs) and 61 cm (24 in). He has gained about 2 pounds in the last month! The doctor was very pleased. Danny looked up some percentile information and discovered that Aaron is in the lower percentile for American babies. However, he is happy, healthy and growing. That is all that matters. Besides, he is in the top percentages here (small wonder! ha ha).

He is no longer on medicine for acid reflux, and we haven't had to give colic drops for quite some time. Thank you all for your prayers! Dr. Toh was also pleased to see his bright, smiling face watching her. The only down side was his vaccine shot. Ow! That hurt. We have some medicine to give for any potential side affects to the vaccine. It is a 5-in-1 shot that covers the normal childhood illnesses. The pertussis part could cause fever and pain. He has a slight fever tonight, but doesn't seem to be in pain. These symptoms should only last a day or two. Be praying that God will provide quick relief of symptoms! Our next scheduled appointment is June 1st for another dose of vaccine. According to Dr. Toh, the symptoms increase in severity with subsequent injections. Thankfully he only has a couple more to go!

Baby's Schedule

Well, things are progressing in the Whittaker household. We are continuing to adjust to life with a child! We've gotten Aaron onto a pretty good schedule, though he still doesn't sleep through the night:

8-9am: Aaron awakes for the day
9-10:30 - Workout time with mommy, pushups and rattle lifts
11am: Brunch and a nap
noon: More awake time, read a book/play with mommy
2pm: Lunch time, maybe a nap afterwards
4:15pm: Daddy returns from work to take over with Aaron and give mommy a break, maybe taking Aaron shopping, maybe just sitting with him
6pm: Dinner time!
7:30pm Bath time
8pm Night Cap, then bedtime
3am 'midnight snack'
6am breakfast with daddy


All in all, a very good schedule. Of course it gets all disrupted on Sundays or with outings. But he's pretty easy going and adjusts well.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Baby dumbell lifts..and...1...and...2!
He's getting stronger...doing those pushups!!!
Mommy moment
"SAFE!" at home!
78...79...oh, lost count!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hey everybody!!!
Happy boy!
Sitting with Ralph
Reading with Mommy
Playing with Daddy

Happy Easter

He is risen!!! We want to wish all of you a very Happy Resurrection Sunday! We praise God for all the blessings He has given us. Mostly we are grateful for His gift of Salvation we celebrate on Easter! We had a wonderful opportunity to serve Christ in our church, Calvary Chapel, on Sunday. Betsy sang with the worship team, and she found it refreshing to participate again. Danny helped with the children's outreach. There were many new faces in the crowd of kids as the children were encouraged to invite friends. Danny was in charge of games on this special Sunday. He enjoyed playing with the children, but was most joyful that the gospel was preached and three new souls were added to the kingdom! Praise God!!!!

The church had a baptismal service later in the day. One of our good friends, saved last year, publicly followed Christ in baptism. We rejoice with him and his family. You will see a picture of the church family at the service.
Aaron in his Easter garb with one of his surrogate Aunties!

Aaron is the star attraction at our fellowship time at church. He gets passed around to any and all ladies wishing to hold "they say carry" him. Children are to address adults as "Auntie" and "Uncle" here. Aaron has many, many "Aunties"!
Easter Sunday with the Children
Our church family

Monday, April 10, 2006

Favorite Foods No More

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a bit about our favorite dishes here in Singapore. Danny really likes spicy Thai food! He also likes really spicy Malay food. Oh, and really spicy Indian food too!! Are you catching a trend here? His favorite dishes are char quay teow and phad thai. The quay teow is a noodle-based seafood dish. It has cuttle fish and clams in it. It is spicy. The phad thai is a noodle-based he-doesn't-know-what-else good spicy thing! During my pregnancy and now nursing phase, Danny could still eat all these great spicy things! However, I have faced a different challenge.

My favorite foods are also spicy! I really like curry. Anything curry is yummy! Curry is a really spicy Indian spice. Laksa is a great soup-based, noodle dish that is mostly curry with some coconut milk added in. The coconut makes it all quite rich! The prawn laksa is my favorite! I also like a Malay dish called nasi goreng. That is a rice-based dish that is fried and has yellow curry powder in it. It can be served with a fried egg (yum, my favorite) and is loaded with chili peppers. As you can imagine, these dishes are OFF LIMITS to me now that Aaron is nursing. I tried a couple of times when pregnant, but the heartburn almost made me gag! Boo-hoo, must I really say goodbye to my favorite foods? At least for now, but hopefully I can enjoy them again someday!

Ode to Laksa

Ode to Laksa

Oh laksa, spicy laksa
How tangy your flavor
One taste of your broth
And this dish I must savor

Oh laksa, steamy laksa
There is none to compare
Your coconut milk
Makes me not want to share

Oh laksa, wet laksa
I sup, sip, sip, slurp
With chopsticks and spoon
Curry sprays on my shirt

Oh laksa, sweet laksa
Nothing makes stains like you
I really don't mind
But, please pass a tissue

ICS Is Moving...

If you scroll down our blog a bit, you will have the great privilege of viewing photos of the new ICS campus. That's right, God has blessed the school with a new location that will have lots of room for the student body to grow. This has been a prayer of faculty and parents for quite some time. The current campus will be rented to a Canadian school and ICS will move further west. Everyone is very excited about the huge facilities!
The Labrador Park War Memorial - Betsy and Danny went on a date before Mom left
A view across the bay
Sunset over the harbor
Danny with his first graders
Parking Area and extra classrooms for future growth
Green Field!!!
Betsy and Aaron on the tour
The Gym
Computer Lab
Two month photo (in a 6 month outfit, go Mariners!)