Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ICS Family


We recently took an all school picture.  See if you can find Danny.

ICS All School Pic



Just thought I throw a few pictures of Aaron up.  No particular order:


Photo shoot for China visa.


Playing in the sand.

A new friend

The carousel

Dinnertime in Asia.


Five months old

Four months old

At the Science Center

Singapore1 029

The Elephant Boy

At the playground

6-28-06 013 Aaron looking at Jack

Sleepy Boy


Ready for School?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Goings On

Life has been full here in Singapore.  God has been blessing us richly.  One of the greatest blessings He has given us recently is a new church family.  We have truly been thriving in our new church.  Aaron loves his Sunday School class and enjoys the 2-3 hours he spends there each week.  Betsy and Danny are really enjoying the teaching in both the sermon and in our Sunday school class on the book of Romans.  On top of these Sunday activities, Danny has begun attending a Monday morning men’s group that is really helping him to see his Biblical role as a man, husband, and father.  Please pray with us that we will continue to grow in our knowledge of Him!


Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks:

On March 7th the school had a fun run to raise money for scholarships.  It was a 5 km (3 mile) run through a park near the IMG_5890school.  Danny helped out by riding his bike around the course and making sure everyone was ok.  After the race our family went for a walk by the sea, then sat down to watch the boats.

It was neat seeing all the small little fishing boats and also the big harbor ships.  Including IMG_5895one of these ships lifted high above the water.










Here are a few more shots of Aaron playing.


Aaron is beginning to really enjoy the dirt.  He likes to have his tractors in the sand and dig around.  He also likes to just play with his hands!










Of course, ever present with Aaron are his Thomas trains.  Recently his collection of trains became long enough that he can create a never-ending train to drive around in circles.

Today Danny used Aaron’s blocks to make risers and a looping hill.  Aaron had lots of fun with this, until one of the towers was knocked over and they all fell like dominoes!










IMG_6015Fun with a tape measurer.



And drum!










Another blessing of our new church is that Betsy has been able to use her talents with the oboe to share in worship.  This is actually taken at a recent community event involving many of the Baptist churches in Singapore.





Last Saturday, Danny and Betsy went on a wonderful date.  We simply got on a bus and rode till the end.  Then we transferred to another bus at random and continued to ride until we felt like getting off to wander a park we happened across.  Betsy had her camera and had a lot of fun taking pictures.  Here are a couple of the incredible sky shots that she got.


Here comes the storm!  We had to take shelter for about 30 minutes as a huge thunder storm rolled through.  It was amazing to watch the clouds roll in, the lightening flash, and the rain fall.


 IMG_6084As we walked home we saw this beautiful rainbow as the sun was setting. God is good!





Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Danny, Betsy, and Aaron

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week Without Walls

This year the high school at ICS has added a new event to the yearly calendar.  In the middle of April we will be taking a week away from school to travel to different locations in south east asia to perform some form of service to the community.  We will have a total of about 100 students traveling to 7 or 8 different locations.  Students will be helping with orphanages, basketball tournaments, teaching English, construction projects, and many other activities. 

Our family will be returning to China to follow up on the trip we went on last year.  Danny is actually in charge of organizing the group this year and is working hard to finalize all of the details.  Thankfully we have a few friends who are helping with the details now and will be meeting us in China to help us with the translation there.  We will have 19 students teaching English classes to university students.  The goal is to teach English through games and hobbies.  We will have classes focusing on playing cards, music, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee.  We will also have an opportunity to work with some elementary aged students in a nearby village and to put together an Easter party on the university campus.

Please pray with us for the planning of this trip!