Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life is good

Things are getting back to normal here. Everyone is finally healthy again. We had a wonderful couple of weeks with Danny's mom and sister. Now we are enjoying settling back into our "normal" routine.

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks to show you what we've been up to. It is always nice to have visitors around to see things with fresh eyes. We know that so many of the things we see each day are taken for granted. Enjoy the pics!

Playing in the wading pool at Sentosa, Aaron likes the fountains!
Aaron playing with the new backpack Aunt Jo got for him.
One of the beautiful flowers that we see here in Singapore.
Isn't God grand!
The city as viewed from across the Singapore River.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Sorry about the delay in posts. We have had a run of sickness in the house, on top of the fun time we've been having with our guests! We are mostly recovered from the sickness now, and still have another week to play with Grandma Marie and Aunt Joann! Thanks for all your prayers for us!

And enjoy the pics!

Dodgeball and Small Group

On the 28th of September we had a dodgeball tournament at the school. Lots of fun giving pain to some of the students who had given pain to me! 8)

Aaron wanted in on the action.

After this we went to our small group. Aaron was up pretty late for him, but did well.


Last Friday I took some of my chess club students to an exhibition by a chess master. He started by playing about ten simultaneous games. He won all of them.
After this he played six games blindfolded! He had an assistant moving to each board and telling him the move we had made, then he would call back a move of his own. He won 4 and drew 2. WOW!! It was a lot of fun.
Here are some of my boys playing amongst themselves.

Family Arrives

The past week has been full of excitement and adventure as my mother and sister arrived on October 3rd. Here is a picture of Joann as well as a link to her webpage. She has posted many pictures since their arrival.

Joann Renee