Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February Holidays

On February 13th, Betsy celebrated another birthday. Danny surprised her with a party. Many friends from school came over for pizza, movies, fellowship, and games. It was a lot of fun.

On Valentine's Day, Daddy and Aaron went for a walk through the neighborhood to give Betsy a chance to rest. Aaron enjoys playing with all the exercise equipment that is scattered throughout the community:
He also enjoys the more natural playground equipment.

Living in a very dense housing district, we are amazed by the number of playground areas that are scattered around. Almost anywhere we go out walking Aaron is pointing to the "ide" (slide). He loves to slide!

He also enjoys walking in the grass.
Aaron's new car has been having some alignment problems, he decided to try to do some repairs!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy New Year!

This past Thursday the country of Singapore basically shut down in celebration of Chinese New Year. This time of year is a crazy time here. Many of the people that work here only get one or two days off in the whole year: Chinese New Year's Day and the day after. Most small shops shut down for at least two days if not three or four days. Chinese New Year is a major family holiday in many of the ways that Christmas is to Americans. They spend the first day with family, then the next two weeks with different family and friends visiting. We just enjoyed a four day weekend!

Just before the New Year we celebrated Aaron's second birthday. It was a fun time.

One of the teachers at the school gave Aaron a bag full of hand-me-down books. He was thrilled as he loves to look at books.

Here is Aaron's new favorite, Junior's Colors.

Aaron's fingers are getting quite nimble at tearing paper.

Aaron is also very neat. He took time to line up all his new cars before opening his next present.
Daddy and Aaron have had lots of fun with this one, a remote control car! All weekend Aaron was saying 'Drive car again?' The batteries died quickly, time to get rechargeables!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Aaron at Play and Rest

We had a bit of a scare last week. On Friday evening our external hard drive suddenly stopped working. We used this drive to store our photos, videos, and documents. Unfortunately (and unintelligently) we had not created a backup of any of the files on the drive, so we were a little upset at the thought of having lost all of our data. But we were hopeful that it was simply a minor hardware problem and not the hard drive itself. Praise God it was only the enclosure and the drive is working splendidly again! Now, to make that backup!

Tomorrow we celebrate Aaron's two year birthday. He has grown a LOT, it is amazing to see the changes each day as he adds more words to his vocabulary ("All done Cat Comes Back" as he hands me his Dr. Seuss book or "Purple car go up stairs" as he drives his car up the stairs).

Here are a few pictures of him at play:

He loves to "go under" things.

A few weeks ago we discovered this great little playground near our home, Aaron loves the slide!

As you can see, he also loves his purple car and carries it with him everywhere!

The car slides.

Then Aaron slides!

At the end of the day, Aaron is usually very tired and sleeps well. In the morning though he will wake up and get out his books. On this morning he got his books, read them, lined them up, and went back to sleep before we got to him.

Have a great week! Remember our little two-year old in your prayers.