Sunday, October 24, 2004

Update in Pictures!

OK, here they are, some more pictures for you all! The first couple are from our International Night, a great time of food and fun! All the families were to bring two dishes from their home culture. There was food from EVERYWHERE! America, Italy, Sweden, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc! It was great, we love to eat and try new things. I couldn't believe how many people were there for this thing. It is really a pretty large community of people when you get all the parents and students and staff together.

After the food, we had a show with performances dealing with different areas of the world, I have pictures from a couple of our favorites included. More about them later.

Yesterday we went to Sentosa island with our small group from school. We played some MiniGolf, and hung out at the beach, it was a beautiful day! We hadn't been to Sentosa yet, but it is only a ten minute walk away from our house. We will be going often!

Thank you for all your support, love, and emails, we love getting them! Feel free to leave comments here as well, though you won't necessarily get responses then!

Baseball at International Night

The program started out with a tribute to America's great pasttime with "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" I loved joining in the second time!

As a side note, we had a couple of great series this year. Was great to see the Yanks blow the lead! (Sorry Grandma, couldn't resist one more jab!)

Korean Drumming

The show ended with a group of Korean students doing a drumming concert, they drummed on the tables, and on overturned garbage cans! It was a great performance, and it was neat to see these normally quiet students get out in front and show off their culture!

Danny & Andrew

This is Andrew, the Computer guy at ICS. I'm enjoying having him around to do all the computer things so I don't have to and teaching me some things I don't know yet, and he enjoys (I think) having me around to help occasionally.

Aaaaah, nice to be in the ocean again!

Need I say more?

The Southernmost point in Continental Asia

We find it interesting that this little island is considered the southernmost point in continental Asia. It is connected to the island of Sentosa by a bridge, which is connected to Singapore by a bridge, which is connected to Malaysia and mainland Asia by a bridge!

The beach was a beautiful place with a bunch of room to run and play, and plenty of sand to share! There was a group of kids there that dug a hole about 7 feet deep in the sand! And I was able to play frisbee with a couple others from the school. It was fun to be able to really throw the disc full power, though my arm was sore by the end!

A beautiful end to a fun day in Sentosa.

We ended our time in Sentosa by going to a laser and fountain show, it was pretty cool. The whole island was lit up with lights. A fun time!

Let us know when you are coming and we'll take you for a visit!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Quarter One Complete

Well, last Friday ended the first quarter of school. On Wednesday I finished turning in grades for the quarter. I can't belive the time has gone so quickly! My students did fairly well, with only a few Ds and no Fs!

These last couple days have been great as God has been working on me to better use my time. I have been able to keep up with my grading and not have a ton of work to do here at home. As a result, yesterday Betsy and I were able to go on a date!

It was exciting! We went to one of the malls and a Mail Boxes Etc. store where we were able to turn in our ballots for the election. UPS and FedEx provide free mailing of ballots back to the states! It was wonderful to be able to cast our vote from so far away and to feel comfortable that it will actually make it on time!

After dropping off our ballots we wandered the mall for a while, then went to the Pizza Hut for dinner. As we were heading home from dinner we passed by the World's Largest Fountain and a sign that said there were daily shows from 8-10 pm so we decided to wait the half hour to see the show! Unfortunately as we sat there we saw scaffolding and figured it wasn't going to be down in time for a show, but we were enjoying just relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the day and waited anyway. At 8 we heard an announcement telling everyone that there would be no show for a couple of weeks while they were doing repairs. I guess we'll have to go back later!

So, we decided to go home. That was an ordeal! We knew where we needed to go to get a bus, but we couldn't get out of the mall in that direction! And as we tried to walk around the outside we ran into construction blocking the sidewalks! Eventually we ended up a half mile away (we tried to cut through a building and ended up in an underground mall) at a mall Betsy recognized and knew where to go to get a bus. It was an adventure!

All in all a great evening, seeing God's blessings!

Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Christmas Season, from Betsy

I'm sure many of you are gearing up for the Christmas season. The weather may even be turning a bit colder there. I suddenly realized the Christmas is just around the corner when a friend invited me to go Christmas shopping. I'm used to the weather changing into winter to give me warning that Christmas is coming. So I'm finding it sneaking up on me because the weather is still "summer" here.

On that note, I would like to share an opportunity God has given me to minister in our church. One of my new friends at the church approached me about leading a ladies singing ensemble that would perform at the Christmas Service in December. After much prayer and consideration (with the disclaimer that I've never ever lead a singing group before) I agreed. Our practices will begin in November and will be every Saturday until Christmas. Please pray for all of us as we seek to glorify God with our voices.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Day 2 of consistency!

Tuesday night we were invited to go to the Young Life fundraising banquet with one of Betsy's friends from Bible Study (and the mother of one of my students). It was a great time and it was neat to learn something about this great organization. Pray for wisdom as we consider our involvement.

Last weekend we went with Stephen & Rachel to a park behind their house and were able to play a round of disc golf for the first time since moving here. (Disc golf is like frisbee golf, and a hobby that both of us have been enjoying for the last couple of years.) There are no official courses here like in the states, but we can still just pick a tree here, a sign there, the light post, picnic table, etc. It was great to be throwing our discs again!! And it was great to be out in the greenery!

Thanks again for your prayers, love you all lots! We'll try to post a couple more pictures this weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wow, where has the time gone?

OK, it has been a couple weeks now, and much has happened. First of all, I'm sorry I haven't sent anything out in the last weeks. Hopefully I will do better now, I'm trying to make this part of my morning routine.

The past two weeks have been pretty good. Though the first part of October both of us were sick. I was still able to go to school, but had a pretty tough day. Then during the weekend was able to recover.

Basketball season has continued and both our younger team and our older team have won their games. We are looking forward to continuing to win and to being about to play in the tournament at the end of the year. Last night the older boys beat the Australian International School for the first time in ICS history!

It is hard to believe, but tomorrow is already the end of the first quarter! Nine weeks of school have already passed! Please pray for me to be diligent in my grading these next few days and to be prepared to turn in grades next Wednesday.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!

We love you lots.