Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prepping for China

Praise God, all the finances have come in for our China trip!

Life is crazy right now as we try to get last-minute details prepared. Please pray for us, that we will have wisdom in the tasks we need to complete!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ICS Family Fun Day

Once again ICS brought the families together for a great Saturday of food, games, and entertainment. The morning started off with the annual walk-a-thon charity fundraiser. This year's event raised money for the scholarship fund, providing tuition help for families who need it.

Students performed various acts on the stage throughout the day. And families moved about the soccer field handing off tickets to play various carnival games.

The highlight, as always, was the dunk tank. Students were given the opportunity to dunk their favorite teachers, well attempt to dunk anyway. The line never ended. Danny got throughly drenched, and as it was a sunny day, thoroughly enjoyed it. Aaron and Betsy watched from the shade of a nearby tree. Aaron kept a running commentary such as, "Daddy wet again!" Or, "Daddy finish cube." Yes, Danny did take a rubik's cube with him in the tank this year. It held up surprisingly well!

We praise the Lord for all the wonderful people at ICS!