Friday, March 30, 2007

Computer Troubles

I wanted to put up a quick post here from school. Our computer is having issues, so we have been unable to post this week.

Aaron is doing great, he is now walking all around the house.

We are enjoying spring break immensely. Danny has been able to get a lot of rest.

Please pray that Danny will be able to take care of our computer issues quickly and cheaply!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A visitor to ICS

This is a post from Betsy's Mom about her visit to the school last Friday:

Hello there!
I spent last Friday, March 2nd, at the school all day. I went to the elementary
chapel right after school started. I waited until all the kids and staff had
left the music room where they hold chapel. I gathered my things and was just
kind of moving slow, when the door opened and 3 high school boys bolted into the
room and shut the door quickly. They went over to a window and were looking
out. I thought to myself "they are watching for a cute girl or waiting for the
music teacher or ??" Didn’t pay too much attention to them and headed out the
door. Denise, one of the teachers, and her 2nd grade class who were on the
other side of the campus started pointing past me and yelling “look out, look

“Look out for what?” I asked.

“THE MONKEY”, they answered!

I did not see a monkey, so started down the stairs (I was on the 2nd floor) and
as I walked onto the parking lot, they started pointing again and there he was…
the monkey. He was just two classroom doors down from where I was at the music
room. And fortunately he was heading away from me and down the open hallway
when I was up there!!!!

They can be quite mean and can bite! So I was glad he was going the other way
from me as I was so unaware of the pending “danger”.

The monkey catcher (yes, the monkey catcher) was called. He set a trap with
bananas for bait. I guess this little guy has harassed the school before. So
he will be caught and sent to the wild… the wild???? In Singapore? So they
tell me!


Aaron the Explorer

Aaron is crawling and exploring all over the place now, here are a few pictures of the places he has gotten himself into:New shoes

Friday, March 02, 2007

Chinese New Year

This year our condo (Mount Faber Lodge) put on a New Year's party for the residents. It was a lot of fun mingling with fellow residents and partaking in a bit of the traditional New Year's activities.

Walking, Teething, and Reading

'K' is for kiss, Aaron's favorite letter!Aaron playing with his treehouse
Showing off the teeth:

Yes, that first picture shows a molar at the back of Aaron's mouth. He now has three top center teeth, two teeth on the bottom center, and three molars in back (two top, one bottom). He seems to be real close to a couple other teeth coming in as well, he's constantly chewing on things.

Reading with Mommy.

Swimming at the Beach

Hiding under the table.So cute!
A day at the beach

Helping Aaron with his dinner.