Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey everybody!
Think Shilo Inns would pay for this?
Aren't I cute?
Grrr, get the ball!!!
Singing with Aaron
Aaron enjoying his bouncy chair.

Monday, August 21, 2006

New Year Underway

Our first week of school on the new campus has come to an end. Everything went very smoothly considering all the issues of learning how things work on a new campus. As you will see by the pictures, the construction is not complete. There are still drainage ditches that need grills, the parking lot needs to be painted, the music room is "almost done", and the soccer field can't be used for another week or two as we wait for the grass to take root. Of course there are other small issues as well, but for the most part everything is working smoothly. God is SO good!

Our enrollment is still at 285, but there are constant enquiries. Many students have been turned away because the class they need is full. (5th, 8th, and ESL classes are all full).

Please pray with us:
For the continued financing of the construction work.
For wisdom in our growth - that we can lay down the proper foundations to be a strong school no matter the size we grow to.
For the grace and courage to continually live in the impossible, where we have to rely upon God!

Growing Up

You may not be able to tell by the pictures, but Aaron is changing fast! Mommy noticed yesterday that the double sets of baby fat wrinkles on his thighs are now down to zero. Those legs just keep getting longer!

He can pull himself up to standing, and when he does, the top of his head reaches Mommy's chin. Can you believe it? We are working on crawling next. Mommy bends his knees and hips to get him on his knees, he then pushes up with his hands. And, wow, he is on his hands and knees. Yah, that lasts about a second, then he falls forward reaching for a toy. He is anxious to be moving about on his own. He will soon enough. Then Mommy will be anxious (hee hee). So is this how parents feel when the teenager finally acquires that terror, the driver's license?

Thank you all for your prayers for Aaron's cough. The cough is gone and he is doing fine! What a wonder it is to see God's care, even for so little a thing.
Welcome to our new campus!
Morning devotions
The new classrooms, ready to go!
The canteen (dining hall)
The preschool playground
Still a work in progress, but looking so much better!
The Computer Lab
My Math Classroom. It is wonderful to have my own room!!
Soothing the fussy baby!
How many toys can we fit on the boy?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 1

We had our first day of classes today. God has greatly blessed ICS. Our enrollment has increased to 285! This past week has been a crazy one getting all the final details of our new campus together. Thank you for all the prayers, everything has come together rather well.

Aaron started on rice cereal this week. Betsy has been having fun teaching him how to eat with a spoon and we got a few pictures of it as well. Enjoy! Unfortunately, Aaron seems to have a bug. Please pray that his cough will go away.
Is it lunch time yet?
Mmmmm, Rice cereal
That camera is much more interesting mommy!
Clean baby

Monday, August 07, 2006

Home Sweet Humidity

We arrived safely on July 28th. Now we are finally over jet lag and thinking clearly again. So, we felt it was high time we posted again.

Aaron had a difficult time readjusting to the schedule here, but he's finally sleeping through the night. Thank you, God!!

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone at the airport, but we are so happy to be home and not living as nomads. It was wonderful to see all of you the last two months. Thanks for the prayers and time with us! God is so faithful!!

Danny came back to ICS shocked to learn that school enrollment is now over 280 students! 4th, 6th, and 7th grades are now split, adding three new teachers to the staff. There is some last-minute construction needed because of the new students. Please pray it will be completed, giving enough time for the Ministry of Education to approve the new campus! There is much unpacking and work left to be done around the school before students come Aug. 14th. Pray that the teachers will have the time to finish it all.
Homeward bound (final leg)
Our first professional family photo.
One half year!!!