Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chilling with Daddy
Hanging with Uncle Timmy
On a walk with Grandpa Whittaker
Meeting Aunt Cherie and cousin Caroline
Auntie Joann teaches Aaron about pierced ears.
Like my hat??
Aaron doing his walrus impersonation
Playing with mommy
Aaron playing ball with great-aunt Kris
Aaron goes to church

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The long flight

Well, we have arrived in the US! Thank you for all your prayers for our safety. The flights went very well. Aaron was great on the plane. He was a hit with all our fellow travelers and with the flight attendants.

We actually arrived on Thursday to a greeting party which included 4 grandparents and an aunt and uncle. Aaron took a bit to adjust to the new time zone, but last night he slept through the night for the first time since leaving Singapore. What a wonderful thing!

We are enjoying the chance to see family and friends. Please pray for us as we travel a lot and try to fit two years worth of things into six weeks!
Our little traveler, on his way to a world of meetings
A member of Aaron's fan club

On the flight from Tokyo to Portland there was a large group of Japanese women flying over for the Portland Rose Parade. They thoroughly enjoyed Aaron, cheering and clapping any time they saw him. It was a lot of fun.
Aaron meets the Grandmas
Aaron meets the Grandpas
Aaron meets cousin Jack
Danny meets nephew Jack
Playing with the grandmas
Aaron meets Aunt Kimmie
Aaron meets Uncle Andy
Aaron meets the Kjosness family
Aaron meets Great Grandma Kjosness
Aaron meets Great Aunt Kris and Uncle Bruce
Aaron meets August (the cat)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Give Up!

This poem is my story. However, I was thinking about my beautiful sister at the time, so I dedicate it to her with all my heart!! Lovies my Meathead Jr.

Give Up!
By Betsy Whittaker

There is a matter that you should ponder
'Bout a great God and His plan
For you and me, and His will for our lives,
A constant among shifting sands.

He is our maker, the great Dreamweaver;
His thoughts and His plans are grand.
He asks us only, "Follow me wholly,
And peace you will find in the end."

But the world shouts loud, "Hey you don't need God!
You have a goal; go grab it!
Make your dreams happen no matter the cost.
Waiting for God? That's for misfits!"

Yes, I had my dream, my plans and my goals
So very long, long ago.
I was the center, the great dreamweaver,
There was nowhere I couldn't go.

I tried and I tried, and struggled and strained,
Working and weaving my life.
Yet every thread, every piece of my heart
Tangled amidst all my strife.

Finally at my wits end I gave up,
Made a mess of what had been.
"Here God, You take it. Undo what I've done.
Can't do anymore I give in."

Without condemnation, He gently took
The knotted and tangled strands.
Ripped it all open and showed me my pride,
Time wasted by my foolish hand.

"My child, view the tapestry I'm working on
Here in the depth of your heart.
Now that you're done, true dreams have begun
To mold and to make a new start."

"God, I'm so sorry, what more can I say,
But what a fool I can be.
Now I see clearly Your perfect plan
Which is much better for me."

So look, dear reader, look hard at my tale
How totally pride corrupts.
We may think it best to plan all our steps,
But true peace comes when we......
Give Up!

God's little boy...

Thank you all for your many heartfelt prayers for Aaron. God took him through his jab without even a whimper! He had a bit of fever the next two days, but the medicine helped bring it down right away. What a little trooper!!

We look forward with great anticipation to our upcoming journey to the U.S. We are somewhat nervous about the flight; however, we trust that God will guide, protect, and carry us through! Please pray for safe travels and quick recovery from jet lag.

Renovations are underway at the new location for ICS. It is beginning to look splendid. Aaron and Betsy visited the library while Danny looked for some packed material he needed. They already set up the kids corner in the library. It is great!! There is so much room for shelves and shelves of books. Walls are going up in the classrooms each day. What a great blessing this campus will be!!!
George is my buddy.
So big lah! (Forget the bear, compare me to the couch!)
So cute lah!
Riding the bus
What? Isn't this what blankets are for?
All clean!
The center of attention at graduation!
Final Exams
Graduation 2006

Pop quiz:

How many nationalities represented in the class of 2006?