Friday, July 21, 2006

A great vacation

It is hard to believe our time here is running out. We will be heading home to Singapore on July 26th. Please pray for safety in our travels and for a quick adjustment back into our ministry there.

It has been a wonderful time here and will be difficult to leave. At the same time we are looking forward to getting back into our own home.

Please pray for us with all our mixed emotions!

Thanks again, and enjoy these pics.
Aaron in a real tractor!
Nap time
Aaron and a new friend
Open house in Othello, lots of time to share our story!
Sharing at Othello First Baptist
Sharing at Singing Waters Camp
Yeah, time to relax!
Four generations: Great-Great Aunt Marilyn, Gigi, Mommie, and Aaron
Enjoying the lake!
Aaron's first swim
Aaron with his grandparents

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hello Washington!

The past week has been a crazy one for our little guy. We traveled to visit some friends in the Seattle area and Aaron was introduced to Maddie, his first younger friend (she is about 3 weeks younger than him).

He also got a chance to relax in the sun.

While in Seattle we had the opportunity to take Aaron to his first baseball game. It was Mariner Moose bobble head night, so he was able to collect a moose. He was overwhelmed by all the people as you can see in the picture with Betsy. It was also an exciting game with three balls hit into our section, one of them landing only a few feet from us. And, the Mariners came back from 5 runs down to win it!

Monday we traveled to Othello to spend time with Betsy's family. We have been enjoying the chance to relax.

We have been greatly enjoying the slow, easy life on the farm. This past week has been great!! However, due to the type of internet connection at Betsy's parents place, we haven't been able to post pictures. So, we are at a friend's house on her computer. That explains the different look to our posts this week.

Our good friend, Adelle Hastings

Below: Aaron in his Jonny-jump-up (still hasn't figured out its purpose)

First time sitting up!

Conversing with the kitty, Ripper.

Aaron is 5 months old!

Aaron enjoyed his pictures this time!

Giving George a zerbert!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good-bye to Oregon

What a whirlwind journey this has been! We have greatly enjoyed our month with Danny's parents in Oregon. It has been so wonderful to visit family and friends. Aaron has been traveling so well! Thank you for all your prayers for us!

Now we are visiting friends in the Seattle area, then on our way to Betsy's parents' in Eastern Washington. Things should settle down for a bit over there. Then, on July 26th we will fly back home. It is going so very fast!!

Enjoy the pics from the last couple of weeks!
Great-Grandpa Blankenbaker
Great-Grandma Blankenbaker
Great-Grandma Borovec
Great-Grandma Kjosness
Like father, like son
Second cousin Nya says hello
Uncle Bob
A zerbert from cousin Jack
Nothing rides like a Deere!
Proud Grandma (Marie) with her two grandsons (Jack and Aaron)
Looking good in Daddy's old clothes!
Playing peek-a-boo with cousin Megan