Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Time comes earlier here

This afternoon Betsy and I went with a few students from the school and got to watch Star Wars Episode III in an early release. The movie actually started at 4PM on Wednesday the 18th, which was early in the morning on the 18th back there in the states. It's kind of fun knowing that we were one of the first to see the movie. It was a good movie, but it ends the way we expected! It was also an interesting study. The theatre wasn't even half full, I couldn't believe all the empty seats. It was fun to spend some time outside of school with the students as well.


A couple of weeks ago I learned a new use for vinegar, maybe some of you already know this:

I was having troubles with my stomach (use your imagination), wasn't sure if it was food poisoning or bacteria or maybe a parasite, but it lasted a few days. well, one of my coworkers mentioned drinking vinegar to kill anything in my stomach. So that is what I did, a glass of water with a tsp of vinegar. It tasted NASTY! (I drank it in the bathroom in case I couldn't keep it down.) It actually wasn't as bad as I expected, but I won't be taking it up as a regular drink. Apparently what ever was in my stomach didn't like it either, the vinegar cured me!

So, now we have another home remedy!! Yippee for avoiding the doctor!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunday School

This past Sunday I had my first opportunity to teach Sunday School. It was a fun time, and I think it was enjoyable for the kids. It was nice to finally get a little more involved in serving at the church. The lesson was on Samuel anointing David to be King, and having a heart for God.

At school, we continue to fly toward the end of the year, only 3 weeks of school left. As always, there is still a lot of things that I would love to cover before the end. Oh well, we have covered much. Pray for wisdom over the next weeks. After the year is over, most of the staff will leave the country for the summer. We look forward to the two months to explore Singapore and enjoy ourselves here, but we also know that it will tend to be very quiet. Of course, when July comes, so do my parents! It will be a lot of fun to have them here for those two weeks.

Betsy had a good week at RDA, she put in a lot of time on Thursday and Friday preparing for a fundraising dinner that was on Saturday, but did not have a chance to speak with her friend. Pray that she will have an opportunity to share with him this week, and that he will be open to God's message.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Answered Prayer

I (Betsy) have been learning so much lately in a Bible Study I attend every Wednesday morning. The big challenge God set before me was to learn to fear Him, as talked about in Kings. We have been studying the period in history when Israel splits into the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Some of the kings did not fear the Lord and faced serious consequences. I want to abide in Him and fear Him but cannot do either without Him. Because of my desire to constantly be aware of God (fearing Him), one of my many prayers lately has been that my countenance and attitude constantly reflect Jesus to all the lost around me. God gave me the answer, "you are," in a most amazing way.

One of my friends that volunteers at the RDA told me last Thursday, "I can see Jesus in you!" He went on to mention that he had known many Christians, but none like me. He asked me if I knew for sure that I would be going to Heaven when I die simply because I believed it was true. I emphatically answered, "YES!" He said, "See, you know it!" He also talked about his not knowing and finding out when he died. I didn't get a chance to talk to him about it at the time. Please be praying for a divine appointment this Thursday. I want God to speak to my friend. I want him to start a relationship with the Almighty, one true God!! Praise and Glory be to the only God of the universe and His great work here!!!!!!

A hawker center

Thought we would give you a picture of a typical local hawker center (yes mom, that is the correct spelling). Many different stalls selling all kinds of different foods.

Dinner with friends

A group of teachers out to eat!

Departing Friends

Saturday evening we had a Teacher Appreciation Banquet. This was a great evening with wonderful food and even more wonderful company. We also honored the teachers who will be leaving after this year. Pray for them in their transition, and also for those who are coming to replace them.

The culprits

Let me introduce you to Florence & David Tan. These are the people who introduced us to Singapore. I often tease Florence that it is her fault I am here, though we both know it was really God's calling!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Five weeks left

It is hard to believe that the school year is almost over. I am busy with the final planning to best use these last five weeks. The students, of course, are getting a little antsy to be done. It isn't quite the same as in the Oregon where this time of year we start to get sunny weather and students start to crave the outdoors. But the kids are still ready for vacation! I am too!

Over the last couple of weeks I was able to help with the PE class and teach a unit on disc golf. We set up a small course behind the school, and on Friday a couple of the students and a few of us teachers went to West Coast Park and played for a couple of hours. It was fun to be out playing again. I'm looking forward to a chance to exercise some more once the year is over. At the same time, it will be a difficult summer as most of the school people will be going home for the summer.

But, on the other hand, my parents are coming in July, so we look forward to that opportunity to show our home off to them!

Thank you again for all your prayers, we truly enjoy your support. Have a wonderful week, talk to you next time!

Morning on Mount Faber

I (Betsy) started to exercise again here. On Mondays and Tuesdays I hike up Mount Faber, walk a loop road, and practice my tai chi. The following 5 pictures are from last Tuesday. I like going up Mount Faber because of the exercise but also because of the fresh, morning smells. And my favorite part is the wonderful a view!

The 6th picture is from when Mom was here. We took her to a polo match. We all had so much fun!! The riders are all at different levels of skill. The game would be slower, then it would get faster with the more experienced players. The horses are switched out every 7 minutes to give them a break. It is hard work and to add the humidity of this climate on top of that is extra difficult. But the horses give the game their all!!

Thank you for your prayers. I still enjoy my volunteer work and tutoring. There are only 5 weeks of the school year left and even my tutor student is starting to get jittery. She is always diligent, but recently a bit distracted. I will continue volunteering at the RDA during the summer but will have different students. Continue to pray that God will use my testimony to reach the lost.

Pretty Flower