Monday, December 11, 2006


We had a lot of fun this past weekend. ICS had our Christmas program on Friday night. It was a fun program with a lot of improvement over the past things we have done. Afterwards we went to "Cold Stone Creamery" with some friends for some great ice cream!

On Saturday we had our annual community Christmas party. It was a lot of fun to talk to people that we met last year and for them to see Aaron. There were lots of games and prizes, we even won the "Most Colorful Family" prize, a new iron! Of course the highlight was the ability to sing Christmas Carols. Betsy and I joined another man to lead in the singing of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful", and "Silent Night", we sang all verses to them as well, so the story of Christmas was told to many.

Today we also received word that my (Danny) cousin Holly has finally arrived at the most wonderful party. She has been battling disease and weakness here on earth for most of her life. On Sunday night her Savior welcomed Holly into His arms in heaven where she will never suffer again. Please pray for the family that is left here without her, especially for her Mom & Dad and her little brother and sister.

Enjoy the pictures.

Exploring Mount Faber Lodge

Daddy took Aaron on a little exploration of our place here.

Here he is at the barbeque area.

What is this stuff?

It feels funny Daddy, help me!

Aah, back home, what is that smell?

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Christmas Season is Upon Us!

Waiting for the bus to take us to the ICS Christmas Program.


Nap time!

Just hanging around.

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10 months old!

Our little boy is a month older today!

And enjoying every minute!

Even upside-down.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas break is quickly approaching, we are surrounded by the sights and sounds of the season. Yes, we get to listen to Christmas music in the malls and enjoy frosted Christmas trees along the busy streets. All we are missing is a little snow!

Of course, what would December be without parties? Saturday we had our staff Christmas party at the Singapore American Club; it was a lot of fun! Next week we are looking forward to our community Christmas party, please pray that through this season we will be able to share Christ's love with our neighbors!

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Aaron the Climber

Aaron found that he can make it onto the couch without Daddy as stairs, he just needs a few pillows! He has also figured out that he can get down without hurting himself if the pillow is there. Hopefully he won't try getting down directly onto the tile!

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