Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Settling in, almost!

OK, a lot has happened! First of all, we are in Singapore!!!! We arrived on Thursday, 22 July, 2004 at 1:00 am (Yes, I wrote the address correctly, that is how it is written here!) The temperature when we got here was about 80 degrees! The school administrator, Joe Beeson, met us at the airport and took us to the home of one of the teachers who is away on vacation where we are staying until we get our own apartment. We have spent the last few days doing all of the business things that need to be done:

getting physicals to allow our stay in Singapore
getting Danny's green card (Betsy's was delayed by a forgotten signature)
opening a bank account
hiring an agent to find us an apartment
looking at apartments
selecting an apartment!
filling out all the paperwork for the apartment!
learning the bus system and the MRT (subway)
learning all of the TLAs (three letter acronyms, it seems everything has one!)

We've been busy! We did find a great apartment that is actually just a short walk from the school and will allow us to save money on transportation! We will be getting the keys and moving in on Saturday! We're pretty excited to be getting our own place finally and be able to really start getting settled.

Next week Danny starts orientation here at the school and Betsy will be working on getting the home set up. Later today we will be getting our phone service set up, and attempting to get money transfered from our American account to our Singapore one so that we have better access to it!

Singapore is a beautiful city, lots of tall buildings (we are staying on the 14th floor of a 38 floor building until we get settled), but also lots of tropical green (when you look out the windows of the apartment we will be moving into you see only the green of trees!)

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Beanie said...

hi danny and betsy! great to hear you're doing well and getting settled in... i'm looking forward to hearing how things go!