Friday, August 20, 2004

One week complete!

Well, the first week of school has come to an end. . .

It was a great week! My day consisted of:
15 sophomores graders in Algebra 2
16 freshmen graders in Geometry
0 sophomores graders in Algebra 2
11 juniors graders in Pre-Calculus
3 Study hall students
4 seniors graders in Calculus
2 Study hall students

My 3rd period Algebra 2 class was on my schedule at the beginning of the year, but many of the tenth grade families moved out of the country, and thus the class wasn't needed. Thus for this first week I have had it fairly easy, only four class periods! That will change this coming week though as I am taking over a ninth grade computers class for another teacher who has way too much going on!

The lunch here is great, there is a company that serves meals each day for the students, it has been fun eating at the "canteen" and getting to try some local foods at a great price (S$2.50 equivalent to about $1.50).

My Calculus class has been interesting. . . I have four students, but only four books and no teacher's edition, so until we can get another one ordered, I just have to photo copy pages! And, the school is fast out-growing its campus, so we had a bit of a struggle finding a room that we could have class in!

Pray that Joe Beeson (our principal) will be able to find a campus that the school can move to next summer. Finding school building can be a very difficult thing and Joe has already been looking for many months, but nothing is available. There is actually a campus that is unused right now and would be ideal for the school, but the government doesn't want to lease it out. Pray they change their minds!

Also, the school is still looking for teachers/advisors for this year: Spanish, Newspaper, Yearbook, and ESL. Pray that the right person will come forward to fill those roles.

Pray for me as I take over this computers class and try to develop a curriculum for it.

Pray for Betsy as she continues to try to find the niche God has for her. We are confident He has a plan for her, and want to be patient for His leading.

Thanks again for all your love and support!

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