Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving! This past month has just flown by!

Two weeks ago we had a five-day weekend and were able to spend some time with fellow teachers in Malaysia. It was a much needed rest as the first days off since the year started.

The past couple of weeks have been full of basketball! Both the U16 and the Open teams have been finishing regular seasons, and then having playoff games. Last week the U16 team won the semi-final match to qualify for the finals this coming Saturday. Monday the Open boys played a tough Quarterfinal game and won with four points in the last 10 seconds. The semi-finals were scheduled for Tuesday, but the game was rained out! So we found a place that we could use a gym and played Wednesday. It was another close game, and this time we won on a jump shot with 2 seconds on the clock! So, both of the boys teams will be playing in the finals on Saturday, and the Girls team will be playing in the Consolation Championship. So Saturday will be another full basketball day. But, then the season is over, and there will be a little more free time!

It is hard to think of this as Thanksgiving, not only is it warm out, but it isn't a holiday here. Everyone is working like normal. But I do have the day off! This morning I went with Betsy to the RDA to watch her work with the horses and the kids. I took a few pictures and will post some later.

This evening we will be going to some friends from church to celebrate Thanksgiving. He recorded some football games, so we'll watch football and eat turkey and pumpkin pie! It won't be the Thanksgiving we are used to, but it will be fun. We will definitely be missing our family though.

Please be praying for us in this holiday season as we are spending this time away from family. Most times it isn't too bad, but occasionally it hits us.

We love you all!

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