Thursday, February 03, 2005

A new year!!

OK, so it has been way too long, I would like to be able to blame it on being busy, and I have been busy, but I still could have taken the time to make a post. . .

Well, how to some up one month of time without taking the pages, here goes:

The year started out with us going to a fellow teacher's home for New Year's dinner. We had fondue, an old family tradition, with some new twisted in. . . potatoes for the cheese dip, and asian fruits for the chocolate. Very yummy!

School started up again on the 10th of January and after 3 weeks of vacation it took a little while to get back in the groove of school. I think I have made it now!

I had almost gotten in the groove until the 20th of January when our school had a Lock-In at the school and I got to chaperone. . . Yes, GOT TO! I love staying up late, and this gave me a great excuse to stay up all night! It was a fun time, but the three day weekend that we got that weekend was all used up for rest!

Then early last week I was asked if I could be a small group leader for a weekend retreat called "Discipleship Now" put on by one of the larger international churches. I agreed. It was a fun weekend, starting on Friday evening I went to the gathering, then I went with my seven 14-15 year old boys to the home of one of the church goers, where the 8 of us would be staying and having bible studies. It was a very nice home, we had fun, but of course stayed up late and got less sleep than we should have!

I got home from that weekend on Sunday afternoon, and have been slowly catching up on my sleep. I look forward to this weekend in which we have no plans, and then even more I look forward to Chinese New Year next week and a 5 day weekend!

On the spiritual side of things, the busy-ness of the past weeks have forced us to rely more and more on Christ. I have been reading through Psalms in my daily devotions, and have multiple times pulled out my Bible to read encouragement to both of us.

Well, about time to get back to work here, love you all, and again, sorry for the delay in the update!

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