Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer Vacation

Well, we are settling in with our new summer routine. It has been nice being in a new home. We are house-sitting for one of the school families. It is a nice home and much larger than our own. As part of our responsibilities, we are taking care of their dog, and dwarf hamsters. So home life is busy with walking the dog and taking care of our 7 dwarf hamsters (4 of our own and 3 that we are hamster sitting). To fill up the rest of our time, we have been working at the school for 7 hours each day. I've been enjoying the time working on the computers, and even more I've been enjoying not having any homework to bring home at nights or on the weekends!

Betsy has a slightly lighter load at RDA over the summer, only volunteering in the mornings, but is keeping busy by working as a receptionist on Mondays and Tuesdays at the school.

Our schedule will continue in this way for the next few weeks until we move back to our place in the middle of July to get ready for my parents arrival on the 21st.

1 comment: said...

Great news! The world can use another Whittaker!

Please let me know what e-mail address to use to correspond with you in cyberspace.

Have been e-mailing and praying for the school's offer to buy property and haven't heard back the results.

Thanks, again, for sharing the great adventure you are both experiencing.

Pastor Bruc and Sharyn