Monday, August 21, 2006

Growing Up

You may not be able to tell by the pictures, but Aaron is changing fast! Mommy noticed yesterday that the double sets of baby fat wrinkles on his thighs are now down to zero. Those legs just keep getting longer!

He can pull himself up to standing, and when he does, the top of his head reaches Mommy's chin. Can you believe it? We are working on crawling next. Mommy bends his knees and hips to get him on his knees, he then pushes up with his hands. And, wow, he is on his hands and knees. Yah, that lasts about a second, then he falls forward reaching for a toy. He is anxious to be moving about on his own. He will soon enough. Then Mommy will be anxious (hee hee). So is this how parents feel when the teenager finally acquires that terror, the driver's license?

Thank you all for your prayers for Aaron's cough. The cough is gone and he is doing fine! What a wonder it is to see God's care, even for so little a thing.

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