Thursday, October 26, 2006

Five Day Weekend!

This past weekend was a great one. Singapore is very diverse with many different cultural heritages. As a result, we have a lot of holidays. Last Friday we had the day off for Deepavali which is the Indian (as in India) New Year. Then we had Monday and Tuesday off to "celebrate" Hari Raya (not exactly sure what this is, but it is some sort of Muslim holiday). It has been fun for me to be around the house more often. On Monday we had a party and game night with many of the staff; this was a great hit.

Another fun thing about this weekend is a pair of new books that I'm reading: For Men Only, and Prime Obsession. For Men Only is the companion to For Women Only (Betsy already has a copy of this). They are great books dealing with the differences between men and women. We highly recommend them for anyone that knows someone of the opposite gender! We are currently meeting with another couple from school to study them. We are looking forward to the insights God will reveal.

Prime Obsession is a fascinating book about prime numbers. It discusses the distribution of prime numbers, and the Riemann Hypothesis first stated in 1859. I have been devouring it!

The last great thing (for you) about the long weekend is that there are more pictures, enjoy!

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Blues and Greens said...

Hi Danny and Betsy--It's Emily from NICS. Sorry to have been confusing :)