Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eleven Months!

Wow, it is amazing how quickly the year has past. Hard to believe it is already 2007. Here are our pictures celebrating 11 months for our little guy. He sure does some crazy things with his mouth!


Marie said...

What a funny little boy!! How fun to see him growing. Thanks for posting these pictures. Enjoy your little man. Love from Grandma

Cherie said...

Goodness, gracious me!! His little teeth are so cute. He has transformed from an Alexander looking baby to a Whittaker. Is it the smile? The teeth? The changes in his face?

Don't know.

But he's still a little dolly and we miss him! And you!

Gigi and Papa will be there soon to play and play and play! What fun you have in store!

Aunt Cherie loves you all!