Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back online

Well, our computer is finally in a working order again. We ended up taking it into the computer shop and finding that the hard drive was faulty, we purchased a new hard drive and now Danny is slowly getting all the programs and settings reinstalled. We are still having some issues with getting our email addresses set into our address book again, but most other things are running well. It is incredible how much quicker the computer is running with this new hard drive and with so many fewer programs installed!

So here is a quick synopsis of what we did this past month and a half:

Betsy's mom returned to the US in mid-March.

March 26th-30th was spring break. We didn't go anywhere, but enjoyed a nice time of relaxing at home. (Until the computer stopped functioning midway through the week!)

On April 6th we had a Good Friday service with our church, then had friends over for games in the evening.

April 10th-13th we had achievement testing at the school, this is a nice week as a teacher because there are less classes to plan for. Our principal also came around to talk about plans for next year. My tentative schedule has me teaching Algebra 2 (2 sections), Calculus, and a couple of computers courses. This may change though as we are still trying to hire a full-time computer teacher to cover elementary, middle, and high school classes. We are looking forward to continued growth at the school and really working to make the changes necessary for a bigger school. Pray for wisdom for the administration in bringing in the proper staff, there are still a few positions left to be filled.

Of course there was also much growth in Aaron, you will see from the pictures that he is now walking just about everywhere and enjoying life. He loves his 'ba' (ball, this is his first word.)

Enjoy the pics, and hopefully we'll see you again in just a little bit!

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farmgirl beth said...

Hooray! Welcome back. I would have given up hope if I didn't know what a computer geek my brother is. I figured you would be back eventually. Thanks for all the new photos of my nephew.