Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Aaron Antics

Daddy, do I really have to go milk the cows now????????
My favorite pastime---digging for basketballs!
Help, this beach ball is stuck and it won't come off!!!!

Cute! Need I say more?


Lisa Bailey said...

Danny and Betsy,
What a CUTIE!!!! Aaron is such a beautiful boy. I can see both of you in him. Thanks for sending us your little letters. They are a treat to read.

God bless,
Lisa Bailey

farmgirl beth said...

He looks so tan! Is that from sun exposure, or is he naturally darker like his Mama? I'm glad you are back online- I missed seeing photos of your daily life.

B.C. said...

It's good to see your family growing, Witty, I trust things are well? May God bless you as you continue your ministry in Singapore. It would be good to catch up with you sometime, if you have the time shoot me an email:

B.C. Bose