Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Singapore History 101 - Part 7

Kent Ridge Park

One of the last battles for Singapore took place on this hill. It is called Kent Ridge Park, but has another name as well, Pasir Panjang Battle Site. The Malay Regiment fought against the Japanese for two days before they finally surrendered, after most of the men were killed.

Kent Ridge has a wonderful view of the vast harbour in southern Singapore.

A canopy walkway connects the hill of Kent Ridge to another, called Bukit Chandu. This boardwalk is raised to the height of the trees and gives the hikers new perspectives on the jungle below.

Here is the group at Bukit Chandu. It used to be called Opium Hill because the British owned an opium packing plant located at the foot of the hill in 1910. However, it has a more sinister past due to the last stand of the Malay Regiment fought on Kent Ridge and Chandu in 1942. 2nd Lt. Adnan Bin Saidi led 42 men against 13,000 Japanese. When the Japanese finally defeated the Malays, the prisoners were all brutally murdered and left on this hill.

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