Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BottleTree Park

These first pics are from June 23rd. We went with our small group to a little park that had facilities for fishing.

Here is the fishing pond for the youngsters. This little pool was stocked with thousands of little feeder fish. Kids could spend $10 for 30 minutes of fishing and the ability to take home the fish they caught!Next to the fishing pool was this pool for prawn fishing. This is not for the kids as it requires quite a bit of patience. This time I think it was $15 for an hour. The boys at the end are from our church, they tried hard but didn't catch anything, though some of the adults that were there caught quite a few.
While the fishing was going on, Betsy, Aaron, & I went for a walk around the "lake".
Aaron enjoyed his first time in the sand. Behind us you see the lake where people can pay to fish.

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