Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dengue blues...

Yes, this is Betsy. I am once again able to reach a computer keyboard!! I have been out of commission for about 2 weeks now. Let me just say that dengue fever is not something you want to try out. Not the best way to get a vacation!

I have very good news for all of you. The doctor took blood for the last time today. My platelet count is right in the normal range now (270,000)!!! We can only praise our God!! So I asked the doctor what happens if I get dengue again. Am I immune? Is it harder for me to get now? What? This is what he said. There are four strands of dengue fever. I caught one strand. I am now that ONE strand. However, I still have a 75% (thanks Danny) chance of catching dengue again someday. And, if I get it again, I will most likely have a stronger reaction...aka bleeding internally. Yeah! So, here's what I do. Wear mozzie (Australian for mosquito) spray every time I go to mozzie populated areas. Don't let any standing water exist in our house (duh...already do that). And pray that God will protect me. Because after all, He has control over mozzies too!

Wow!!! What an adventure. I want to thank you all deeply for your prayers for us during this trying time. We know that God is so good to us and is providing for us all the time!

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Marie said...

Praise God!! I'm so glad you're better! It's hard to be so far away when someone you love is having a hard time. I wanted to be there and help care for you and for Aaron! (Danny, too!)
My prayer is that you will never get dengue again, nor will Danny or Aaron.
Still hoping to see you in October, but don't know if it will happen.
Love to you.