Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bullet Bananas

There are moments in life that make me (Betsy) sit back and burst into hysterical laughter. I had one of those times today. However, I must go back a couple of days give you the proper history of this unique event.

A few days ago I took Aaron grocery shopping. There are some great local fruit stands near our house. Their fruit is always so very tasty. I bought several items including bananas. I always hang the fruit on the stroller to make the journey home a bit smoother. When we got home, I took Aaron out of the stroller, forgetting all about the heavy bags of fruit still swinging on the back. Plop, the stroller bucked right onto its heels with fruit nicely squished underneath.

I warned Danny about the possibility of quickly disintegrating, bruised bananas as I hung them on the handle of the cupboard door above the sink. We have been eating the back bananas first as they were at the point of impact.

However, apparently none of the bananas escaped the mauling. Early this evening, I was at the sink working on dinner leftovers. Suddenly, bang!! bang-bang!! Bananas escaped their peals and came crashing down on my head! I jumped and Danny assumed that shots were being fired from the grassy knoll. So now we have 4 extremely bruised bananas resting comfortably in our freezer. There they await their fate of being turned into something yummy: banana bread, banana pancakes, or maybe just brown banana-cicles.

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