Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Final Adventure of Christmas Break

Christmas break is nearing a completion. While many of you have been back in school for at least a week and others have been back to work for almost two weeks, I am preparing to head back to school on Monday. This week we have had the opportunity to go on a couple more adventures. On Wednesday we went into Little India to get an Indian suit for Danny and Aaron. Then today we went to the Singapore Science Center. It was a lot of fun learning more about the world God created, and watching Aaron learn about it too! Enjoy the pictures:

The pagoda at the Chinese gardens. We had a bit of a walk from the bus stop to the science center. Betsy was enjoying the clouds so she took a couple of pictures.

Some of the housing in the same area.

Constant construction in this country. Not sure exactly what they are doing here, but we found the banner to be ironic. Maybe they are digging up sidewalks to put in trees?

The Science Center was incredible. Before we even entered the building we came to this little park with many different experiments. Here you can see Danny at one sound dish. We were able to talk to each other in our normal voices and be heard by using the parabolic principles of the dishes.

There were many sections devoted to young kids with hands on things they can do. Aaron enjoyed this little triangular mirror room; we had to crawl under the mirrors to get in, but then we were surrounded with ourselves!

Here was a small little room built for toddlers! In the wall were all kinds of little creatures, mice, gerbils, and a leopard gecko that had been confiscated from someone who was keeping it illegally.

Aaron also loved the little houses. He likes going in and out of doors and opening and closing windows. This was a great chance for Mommy and Daddy to rest!

Aaron's favorite part was pushing buttons. There were buttons all over the place that he could push to make amazing things happen. This one was showing how different materials (steel, nylon, rubber, iron, etc.) react to being pounded by a sharp hammer. Aaron liked the BANG!
"Do Again?" "LOUD!"

There was a whole section of optical illusions, including this one. Aaron just liked the fake banana!

Even waiting to head home Aaron was playing with his car. It is amazing how much energy a little boy can have!

After a long day of play, little boys need sleep!

Thanks for all your prayers and support throughout this past year. Pray for us as the second semester begins and life goes back to "normal".

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