Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy New Year!

This past Thursday the country of Singapore basically shut down in celebration of Chinese New Year. This time of year is a crazy time here. Many of the people that work here only get one or two days off in the whole year: Chinese New Year's Day and the day after. Most small shops shut down for at least two days if not three or four days. Chinese New Year is a major family holiday in many of the ways that Christmas is to Americans. They spend the first day with family, then the next two weeks with different family and friends visiting. We just enjoyed a four day weekend!

Just before the New Year we celebrated Aaron's second birthday. It was a fun time.

One of the teachers at the school gave Aaron a bag full of hand-me-down books. He was thrilled as he loves to look at books.

Here is Aaron's new favorite, Junior's Colors.

Aaron's fingers are getting quite nimble at tearing paper.

Aaron is also very neat. He took time to line up all his new cars before opening his next present.
Daddy and Aaron have had lots of fun with this one, a remote control car! All weekend Aaron was saying 'Drive car again?' The batteries died quickly, time to get rechargeables!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the birthday boy pictures. We wish we could be there, but the pictures are the next best thing! And glad to hear that Aaron enjoys that remote control car!!! In know time at all he will be driving a real car here on the farm, huh?
Poppa & Gigi