Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Home again

WOW! God is good!

We had a great time in China and were constantly amazed at the way that God uses us. The weather was cold! Danny loved it, Betsy hated it (she got sick towards the end of the trip), Aaron was confused by his sweatshirt! With the hot weather in Singapore, this was the first time Aaron has worn a sweatshirt for any length of time.

Unfortunately as we started to make a post yesterday our computer decided it didn't want to work. We have been planning a new computer for a while and I guess it is time. I'm posting this from school. We will have more stories later, but thought we would just share a few pictures right now.


Marie said...

Thanks, Danny. I always love getting the pictures, and look forward to more and to hearing about your trip.
I love you all!

Anonymous said...

See you soon! 12345