Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Week in Singapore

We had a relatively normal week here this past week. Aaron continues to grow and enjoy his surroundings.

Here are Danny and Aaron in the taxi on the way to church.After church Aaron had some fun at a local mall playing on all the rides.

Last Thursday Betsy and Danny got all dressed up for the annual staff banquet. It was a wonderful evening.
Over the past year we have seen a lot of construction in our neighborhood as the local town council is working to make the area "barrier free". The largest portion of this work is upgrading all of the elevators to stop at all floors instead of just the even floors (some buildings they only stop every four floors!) That construction has finally reached our building. Thankfully there are two lifts in the building and they are only working on one at a time, but this construction is supposed to take close to a year to complete!
Aaron is really enjoying newfound freedom. He loves to run off ahead of us while walking to the hawker for dinner. But thankfully he is also very good at waiting for us before he attempts to cross the street.
A random building seen on an outing last Saturday. This is one of the many mosques in Singapore.
Aaron and Mommy at the MRT station. Aaron loves walking on the bumps!

Thanks for caring and checking up on us! We love you all, drop us a comment to let us know you were here!


Shalisa said...

Wow, Aaron is getting so big! Of course so is Madeleine. Always amazing what they wake up saying each day. She cracks me up, I'm sure Aaron gives you many smiles as well.

We finally had some sun this weekend! Yeah! But now it's raining again...not like you where you get the sun EVERY day! :)

Marie said...

This was a great post! Thanks for all the good pictures and information. They help us to feel like we've been there (kind of).

Lots of love to all of you!

joann renee said...

Aaron & Danny are making the same smile in the top picture! Amazing! (and, fyi, i updated my blog so that Singaporean palm trees are proudly displayed)

Jim said...

I liked your update! Nice pictures and info. Am glad Aaron doesn't cross the street without you!

Rumbles said...

Hello Mr./Mrs./Little Witty!
We enjoyed seeing a bit of your life, as always! Singapore looks pretty spiffy, maybe we should come visit someday eh? We have loads of new games to teach and learn!

timmy said...

I was TOTALLY here!!!