Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Adventures

Our church here in Singapore has been renting space in a complex called the Girl's Brigade because the congregation outgrew the old church. However, the Girl's Brigade is no longer available to us. After much prayer and discussion among the leadership, it was decided to remodel the existing property, in a building called Public Mansion. Well, we are excited to share with you that on June 22st we worshipped for the first time in our newly remodeled space. Here is a picture of the sanctuary. We are so grateful to God for providing the funds that were needed to complete this project. Haleluia!!

Aaron continues to show us new creativity each day. For example, pictured below: the "parking hat".

Now that Danny is out of school for the summer, we have been able to get the bikes that some friends gave us up and running. What an adventure that has been! Here you see Aaron proudly putting on his own shoes (a new development) and wearing his helmet to go for a bike ride.

Aaron and Mommy patiently waiting for Daddy to snap the picture before we can go for our ride.

Daddy just loves cycling around with Aaron on behind. Aaron just loves pointing out all the cars, busses, motorcycles, and just about anything else that moves.

On our bike ride today, we discovered two great parks. Aaron played peak-a-boo from this train.

"Peak-a-boo, Mommy, we see you!"

At a nearby park, Aaron found a playmate who brought a ball with him! What fun!!! Aaron worked so hard just to throw the ball to the other boy. Sometimes it even went the right way!

Another new skill: crawling up the slide. "Why can't boys ever just use the stairs?" chuckles Mommy.

After an exhausting afternoon of bike riding and sliding, Aaron is ready for a bath and bed! His car friends like to join him in both. "Hmmm, how many can I fit in my arms and still make it up the stairs?"


Marie said...

that last picture of Aaron with all his cars reminds me of his Daddy at the same age. Only his hands and arms were full of balls. It was very frustrating to him when he would drop one, bend over to pick it up and then lose more!
Cute pictures. thanks for the update.

joann renee said...

Bike riding is great...you should teach your little brother how next time you visit the states (or he visits you, whichever occurs first)

Cherie said...

Fun photos!

Hey, Betsy, guess what? Little girls go up the slide backwards, too. ;-D

Thanks for sharing these fun summer pictures.

Glad all is well.