Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Aaron made some new friends at the zoo last week.  A family of lemurs gathered right by us in the butterfly exhibit.  They were calm and quiet.  So Aaron gently touched the closest one.  He just looked at Aaron like, "So what?  I'm just hanging out!"

This little guy even helped Aaron with an early bath.  Aaron turned around and said, "Mommy, he eating me!"  I checked for tooth marks at warp speed!  No, just a friendly little lick.  Aaron giggled at that.  He talked about that one for the rest of the day!
Boredom set in amongst the lemur group.  So they decided to go raid the butterfly sugar water.  Aaron thought it would be a good idea to go try to corral this "unruly mob".  Not a chance!  Instead, Mommy found a "Kodak Moment".
The new area for children has some great landscaping!  Aaron really wanted to ride the "grass train" as he called it.  Mommy had to break the sad news that this train did not take passengers.
Mommy's favorite moment of the day was Aaron's first pony ride.  This is Rosie.  She was kind enough to do a lap around the pony trail toting Aaron, plodding beside her wrangler.  Aaron was excited to try this new form of transportation.  Mommy wasn't sure if he would be brave enough to get on Rosie.  But, he reached out to the man leading Rosie. ready to hop on and see the world.  Rosie's leader said Aaron was so clever as they traveled.  He was busy pointing out all the sights along the way.  Mommy even convinced Aaron to touch Rosie's soft nose.  Brave little guy!!
Here a a few pics of the Elephant show.  It is called "Elephants at Work and Play".
(knocking logs into the water, a logging task)
"Hey, wake up!  No sleeping on the job!!"
As evening approached the other day,  so did a thunder storm.  Betsy grabbed the camera and started shooting.  As luck (AKA God) would have it, she captured this strike!
Sometimes, the evening lights remind me of Christmas.  This is one of my favorite skyline shots!

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