Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week Without Walls

This year the high school at ICS has added a new event to the yearly calendar.  In the middle of April we will be taking a week away from school to travel to different locations in south east asia to perform some form of service to the community.  We will have a total of about 100 students traveling to 7 or 8 different locations.  Students will be helping with orphanages, basketball tournaments, teaching English, construction projects, and many other activities. 

Our family will be returning to China to follow up on the trip we went on last year.  Danny is actually in charge of organizing the group this year and is working hard to finalize all of the details.  Thankfully we have a few friends who are helping with the details now and will be meeting us in China to help us with the translation there.  We will have 19 students teaching English classes to university students.  The goal is to teach English through games and hobbies.  We will have classes focusing on playing cards, music, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee.  We will also have an opportunity to work with some elementary aged students in a nearby village and to put together an Easter party on the university campus.

Please pray with us for the planning of this trip!

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