Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun in the Sun


Today was our annual carnival at school.  Many fun times to be had.  I always look forward to my opportunity to dangle above the water and make fun of my students as they miss the mark.  Of course, I also enjoy getting drenched by them!

Here I am taunting them by solving the rubik’s cube while I wait to be dunked:

IMG_0901                               IMG_0900 

And here I am being dunked!

 IMG_0907 IMG_0905IMG_0898  

IMG_0911Of course Aaron enjoyed watching me get dunked and even took a throw himself

(he missed, but my “assistant” hit the bar for him).



IMG_0903He also loved the balloons to see and bouncy castles to bounce in!IMG_0931 







On another note, Aaron started Awana last month and has been enjoying his time with the kids and especially his special Cubbies vest!  It is fun seeing him get this great foundation in God’s Word.


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Heidi said...

i'm waiting for the disney photos :) ...