Monday, March 07, 2005

New Eyes

It has been fun these past couple of days having Susie (Betsy's mom) here to visit. We are again seeing Singapore through the eyes of a newcomer! As such, we will probably have more things to share in the next month. Things that have become commonplace to us will be new to her and she will remind us to tell you about them!

Yesterday we took her for her first real adventure, trying to break her in quickly! We started with a 8 minute walk to the bus stop followed with a 45 minute bus ride to church. After church it was a 35 minute bus ride and a 20 minute walk to lunch with some friends from school (we had Mexican!). Then we walked 8 minutes to the MRT for a 15 minute subway ride. Another 5 minute walk brought us to Starbuck's. Then we shared a Taxi with Miriam which dropped us at the bottom of the stairs of death (75+ steps) to return home. Once we got home we changed and got ready to go to the beach. That was a 15 minute walk to the bus stop, a 3 minute bus ride to the island of Sentosa, a transfer to another bus for a 6 minute ride. Once at the beach we met a bunch more friends for volleyball. We were there for a few hours, then we took a 6 minute bus ride to watch the fountain/music and light show. That got over at about 8:10 and we walked a couple minutes to the next bus for a 5 minute ride (in a PACKED bus) to the transfer spot for leaving the island and returning home. Once we got to the departure bus stand we decided to sit and wait a while instead of standing in the huge line. After 6 full busloads of people left we decided to get in line for the 6 minute bus ride back to the mainland. Then a final 15 minute walk brought us home! Showers and bed!

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Leanne VE said...

It's great to get your news - Singapore looks like a lovely place from that beach shot. We miss you here at ELCA but we're happy things are going well in your work. God Bless!