Monday, March 14, 2005

A week in Singapore

OK, well, Monday #2 in our new weekly update schedule.

This past week has been a busy one. Having Mom here makes for extra activities as we try to show her around. Really it is the weekend where the business really stands out. Saturday we had a carnival/book fair at the school and spent most of the afternoon and evening there. The event was to raise funds for the library, the senior class trip, and the Asia mission team. It was a fun time with carnival games and food and books, and a dunking booth! I even got a 20 minute session in the dunking booth. It was something I would never look to do, but it was fun, and I would do it again. Pictures will be included later.

Sunday was church and Sentosa for volleyball again. While on Sentosa we took Mom on the monorail around the island. The monorail closes its doors on Tuesday to make room for a new and improved train system which will be much more efficient, but not as scenic. I think it will be a good thing, but we were glad to have one last trip on the monorail! We also got to go to the island via the cable cars this week. The view from up there is just magnificent! And mom even made it up the 130+ stairs, and back down as well!

All in all a good week, but we are looking forward to Spring Break next week. I can't believe that the third quarter ends on Friday!

I, Betsy, have added Thursday afternoons to my RDA time. One of the instructors, Bee, asked me to assist her with some students that are much more capable riders in the afternoons. There are 3 riders. I'm in charge of teaching the two beginners. I forgot to put my name tag on this week. I only had one student because the other was sick. The student asked me to repeat my name because he couldn't remember it. I told him, "It's Betsy." He said, "I don't think I'll remember that name, so I'll just call you Mickey. You're Mickey okay?" I chucked inside and agreed that would be fine. During the entire ride he called me Mickey. I actually remembered to respond accordingly. Just wanted to include this humerous tale for you! As a prayer request, while I was teaching my student, Mom got to talk with his teacher. She is a Muslim and Mom had her undivided attention for the entire hour-long lesson. Please pray that God will open her eyes to His truth!

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