Saturday, July 09, 2005

News You've All Been Waiting For

On Wednesday, July 6, we got to see the heartbeat of our little baby. Now we know why Betsy hasn't been feeling well lately. Everything in the ultrasound looked really good. The doctor set our tentative due date as February 19th. We are very excited! We covet your prayers as we prepare to be good parents. Below is a picture of the ultrasound. Our next visit to the doctor is in a month, we will keep you posted on new developments.


Bad Andy said...

We are excited for you! What a nice surprise. It's about time for the family to grow again. Thanks for doing your part. Love, Auntie Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Betsy and Danny,
Congradulations! I am praying for you and your little one. Glad to hear you are enjoying your summer.
Care ~ Korea

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys....

We're very excited for you and will keep you in our prayers! Babies are such a blessing! We love you! Terry & Hannah

Krista said...

Congratulations, guys!! How exciting!! We're praying all goes well and for a healthy little kiddo!! Love, Bill and Krista

Ben and Rachel said...

Congrats,We wish you all the best with your new baby. Hope things are going well in Singapore.

Ben and Rachel Kask

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Babies are masterpieces of the Creator and we are eager to see what wonders he is creating inside of you, Betsy!

You'll be great parents.

Kids are pretty much like horses, I reckon....giddyup and whoa...Whoa...WHOA...hey, STOP!! ;-)

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you begin a journey that will reveal to you yet more of the heart of God.

Stay cool!

Much love from Aunt Cherie, Uncle Tom, Ben, Joe, Cassie, and Caroline

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, congradulations! It's good to hear that things are going well, keep serving the Lord. I'll be praying for you guys (all three)

-Jason Ropp