Saturday, July 30, 2005


Well, this post is a little late, sorry. Betsy has continued to feel better lately with only one small bout of nausea a few days ago. My parents came last Thursday and we have spent the last week showing them around.

Yesterday was a rather fun day. We decided to give them a look at the "outskirts" of the city (i.e. the part that is NOT the downtown business district) So we got on the MRT(Mass Rapid Transit), which is above ground once it leaves downtown, and enjoyed the view of mile after mile of 12-25 story apartment buildings. At the end of the line we did a little shopping, got some wonderful lunch, then went to the Chinese gardens. It was a nice place. This site has a few pictures. If you click on them it will give you a closer view. The building in the first picture, the Pagoda, is seven stories high with a spiraling staircase all the way up. I decided to run up it, so my dad could take a picture from the bottom with me looking over the railing. I made it to the sixth floor before I had to start walking, then my legs were jelly for a while. It was fun, but probably not the best idea! I'll post some pictures next.

Now it is the weekend so we will probably spend some time at the pool, but not go out much as it gets pretty crowded!

Thanks for your love and prayers.

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