Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dragons and Christmas

Here are a few more pictures from our travels around the city. A few weeks ago while we were spending some time at Boat Quay we got a chance to watch the dragon boat races. These races are held annually on the river, close to the marina. It takes two days, and over 200 boats compete. The categories ranged from mens to womens, mixed, 20 person boats and 10 person boats. We only watched a few races, but it was amazing to see the athleticism of all the contestants. Often, the normal running of the river boat taxis was interrupted by the start of a new race. The drivers and passengers didn't seem to mind.

We had a unique opportunity this weekend to get to know our neighbors. Our community put on a Christmas party for our residence as well as some surrounding places. There were about 40 to 50 people present, and it lasted about 3 hours. There were door prizes to be won, a special talk from our government representative, lots of food, a magic show for the kids, and great games to play. We closed the party with traditional Christmas carols. It was wonderful to be singing about Jesus' birth with so many different people, Christian and non-Christian. You will see in the pictures some of the games. Betsy got to be a Christmas tree, and Danny partnered with our PE teacher's son to pop balloons. You will also see the group that lead Christmas carols. Danny and I got invited up because we love to sing.

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